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Missions Made Possible is a non profit 501(C) (3) organization dedicated to the promotion of humanitarian aid throughout the aviation community.

Missions Made Possible participates in a variety of activities including transportation of people in need especially life guard and mercy flights, transportation of medical supplies, emergency workers and disaster relief supplies all at no charge.

To further this end, chapters are being organized through out the United States. One person working alone can do many things, but a chapter working together can accomplish miracles.

First year chapter membership is $45.00 (renewals $25) and include newsletter, lapel wings, and chapter logo sew on patch. All contributions are tax deductible. We invite you to become a member of this incredible organization.

Get Active in you local chapter. If you do not have a chapter in your area, why not start one? It is not hard to do and we will help you do it.

Print out the application below, and send it, along with the fees, to:

Missions Made Possible
Attention: Application Department
Orlando Chapter 101
884 E. Michigan St
Orlando Florida 32806

Missions Made Possible Membership Application

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